Leawood Metropolitan Recreation and Park District

History of the District

The land (totaling 4.691 acres) that would later become Leawood Park was deeded to the Leawood Civic Association (LCA) in 1972.  At the July 10, 1973 meeting of the LCA, the members agreed to establish a recreation district.  In December 1973, the LCA published the service plan for organization of the Leawood Metropolitan Recreation District.  After petitioning the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners, the Board approved the service plan of the Leawood Metropolitan Recreation and Park District (District) on May 8, 1974.

By February 1979, the land that would become Weaver (22 acres), Raccoon and Kendall Parks was deeded—through the developer to the County—to the District.  In 1993, the District accepted the inclusion request of the Country Farms development.  When, in November 2004, the District accepted the inclusion petition of the Vintage Reserve development, the total amount of parks reached nearly 40 acres.

The District is organized under applicable sections of Title 32, Colorado Revised Statues and the Colorado Constitution.  As such, it is operated by a board of five directors, each elected for two year terms.  Elections are held in May of even-numbered years.  The District’s electors have made it exempt from certain provisions of the Constitution, including Article X, Section 20 (known as TABOR), and term limits.


The District’s taxpayers pay a 3.73 mill levy for operation of the District.  Also, the District receives a share of the personal property taxes paid by its residents.  For 2008, property tax revenues equaled $106,262.88, and personal property taxes were collected in the amount of $254.94.

As of 2008, the State Demographer estimated that the District comprised 2,516 individuals in 906 homes.  This amount, however, does not reflect the full occupancy of the Vintage Reserve development (228 homes).